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eBay Motors Vehicles Non Binding Bid Policy

Non Binding Bids Policy: In most product categories on eBay, when you place a bid in an auction it's considered binding – when you win an auction, you're agreeing to complete the purchase. However, there are some categories where bids don't create a formal contract between the buyer and seller.

For motor vehicles and real estate, bids are considered non-binding. When you bid on an item in these categories, you're expressing a strong interest in buying the seller's item, but no formal purchase contract is created if you're the winning bidder.

ebay non binding bids policy is bad business for the auction house

A non-binding bid is a bid that shows a buyer's interest in purchasing an item, but it doesn't create a formal contract between the buyer and the seller. All bids made in the Real Estate and eBay Motors vehicles categories are considered non-binding.

In this video Doc talks about a Volkswagen Bus that brought a whopping $35,100 bid to a deadbeat bidder. He also talks about a seller that sued a husband and wife who were government employees. He successfully garnished their paychecks. This was many years ago, so don't consider doing it again.

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