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Dealer Asks Do Cars Sell On eBay Motors?

Hello I'm wondering how other vehicle sellers are doing in terms of ebay? I have never had so many non paying buyers. It was always bad but lately it takes an average of 3 buyers before someone actually pays. I will no longer even accept and offer until I'm paid because PayPal gives them their deposits back and I'm stuck with hundreds in relist fees. One month was 2200 in fees.

prospective seller asks do cars still sell on ebay

I have enough inventory I could get a motors subscription for a flat monthly fee but I just wonder if ebay is worth it any more. About 8 years ago I managed an account for a large dealership and everything I listed sold and sold fast. I really have stopped listing vehicles on ebay and the website traffic is declining too. I noticed the search engines are all messed up. Some vehicles I'm lucky enough to have right at the top others you cant find even if you type the exact listing title.  Just wondering how everyone else is doing?

Ebay allows people to sign-up and bid on big-ticket items without so much as knowing their name; let alone holding them financially responsible for what they do- meaning that one has to use Buy-It-Now with immediate payment required in order to not waste one's time and money- which pretty much kills the whole point of ebay- that of having an AUCTION, which often results in higher prices. So since they have effectively killed off auctions for vehicles, what is the point of listing here?

Secondly, the novelty of buying vehicles online has worn off long ago. Unless you are selling rare or exotic vehicles, there is really no point to selling here. You can buy a Camry or Accord or F150 anywhere....why bid on stuff 1000 miles away that you can't inspect and test drive first, and then have the expense of bringing to your locale?

That being said, PayPal should NOT be refunding deposits! If you specify in your ad "Non-refundable deposit", and then fight it when people open a case, by telling PayPal that the money being disputer was a DEPOSIT for a titled motor vehicle, and the buyer never paid the balance due, they will NOT refund it.

Their own policy states that deposits do not qualify for buyer protection, as they are a "service". People know how to work the system, and word their claims as though it is an "item not received" case or "not as described" situation (even though they never paid in full, and never took possession), and PayPal falls for it, since most of this stuff is automated- but if you make them aware of the facts, they will not entertain a claim for a deposit refund.

It's just such a PITA having to take the time and effort to struggle with these disputes multiple times on each listing.... and for what?- to get less money than you would if you sold locally.

And oin top of all of that, the average person comes here and types the type of vehicle they want into the search engine, and gets listings for parts or fuzzy dice. If they do manage to find the actual vehicles, the options to sort and filter them they way they please, are all but gone- so either way, they can't efficiently find what they want, so they gfet disgusted and click away.

15 years ago, this was a great place to buy and sell vehicles. Today? Pffftttt!

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